Bessey Bvhw45 Homeowners Bench Vise

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  • Home work shop vise with jaws for holding flat materials as well as pipes and tubes

  • Swivel base allows rotating the vise 270 for vesratility

  • Holds up to 1-Inch diameter pipes and tubes

  • Jaw width 4-1/2-Inch

  • Jaw opening 4-1/2-Inch

  • Color : Hammertone Grey

4-1/2-Inch Swivel base vise is ideal for home shop. Manufactured from cast iron with steel vise jaws, threaded spindle assembly and locking T handle are chrome plated. Vise can be rotated up to 270-Degree on its base for convenient work positioning. Anvil surface is integrated into the vise and is convenient for straightening small steel parts that are being worked on. Built in pipe jaws allow holding small pipes, and tubes up to 1-Inch diameter. Vise is finished in durable hammer tone grey color.