Bryant Msd2000W1 Electric Occupancy Sensor Switch, Ultrasonic And Passive Infrared Dual Technology, White

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  • 1 button for manual/automatic control; single circuit; provides for 1000 square feet of coverage with 180 degree field-of-view

  • Load capacity at 800W incandescent, 1000W fluorescent at 120V ac, 1800W fluorescent at 277V ac, 1/4Hp; no minimum load requirements

  • Built in photocell with manual super saver adjustment for additional energy savings

  • Heavy duty high impact plastic housing with dual element pyrometer and 12 elements cylindrical hard lens

  • Five year limited warranty

  • Color : White

Dual technology occupancy sensors combine both passive infrared (pir) and ultrasonic (us) technologies for maximum reliability. Because us and pir need to both detect occupancy to turn lighting on, dual technology sensors minimize the risk of lights coming on when the space is unoccupied-false triggering. Continued detection by only one technology then keeps lighting on as necessary. Dual technology sensors offer the best performance for most applications.