Champion 06568 308-10-24P/Xgo-25 Combination Hss 308-10-24 Plug Tap And Xgo-25 Hss Drill With 135-Degree Split Point, Black/Gold

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  • Matching combination high speed steel tap and twist drill

  • Made in the USA

  • Hand tap for manual wrench or machine production holes

  • XGO twist drill avoids needing pilot hole, 135 degree split point

  • High speed steel taps are plug chamfered 3-5 threads for easy start

Champion Cutting Tool ipac system provides you with professional grade cutting tool combinations of high speed steel plug tap and Champion Black and Gold high speed steel twist drill designed for electrical, plumbing, mechanical contracting, welding, machine shop and home maintenance. Champion XGO jobber length twist drills can outperform standard drill bits . You will get faster hole penetration and more holes per drill. Each drill is provided with a unique combination of premium high speed steel, geometries and functional black and gold surface treatment for holding lubrication. This combination of treatment inables XGO twist drills to penetrate various stainless steel, mild and hardened titanium steel alloys, carbon steel and softer steel materials like copper alloys. With the precision ground 135 degree split point tip there is no need to predrill pilot holes. XGO twist drills will bit right into the material avoiding the walking effect in common 118 degree twist drills. The tapered web geometry in each twist drill provides faster penetration of the material. Our matching 308 series hIgh speed steel tap creates new threads and cleans up damaged threads. Champion high speed steel taps are plug chamfered with 3-5 threads for easy starting. Ground threads will achieve close tolerances for safe, secure fastening. Operated in hand tapping wrenches or production tapping heads for general purpose tapping in professional settings. These taps are supplied in standard H limits that will provide an adequate class of fit for standard tapping applications.