Cyron Rgb True Led Multicolor Home Tv Accent Lighting Kit Video Production Light, Under Cabinet Counter Lighting, Multi-Functional Controller, 360 Degrees Rotatable, Etl Listed, 4X 9 Led Bars

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  • Multicolor rgb led lighting system

  • Four light bars with mounting brackets

  • 30ft of cords provided versatility in installation

  • Highlight entertainment centers

  • Accent lighting cabinets and shelves

  • Color : Multicolor

  • Size : 4 x 9 Inch LED Bars

Newest technology in solid-state lighting utilizes light emitting diodes to present lighting like never before. The lighting system includes: * Wired microprocessor based controller * four 9 true-color led multicolor light bars * multi-port hub allowing future upgrades by adding more light bars (htpb9, htpb15) * switching power supply 100vac-240vac, 50-60hz, 12w * all necessary hardware to install in minutes. Select any color at a push of a button. There are 14 pre-programmed modes including two music light modes making the lights interact with music. Ability to upgrade with 2 more light bars in any size combination. * Sound sensitivity control in music modes * installs in minutes * low power consumption (6w nominal using four lightbars) * 50,000 hours life * no heat generation * switched-outlet turn-on (ie. Audio receiver, wall switch) * one year u.S. Based no-hassle manufacturer warranty unlike peel and stick tape lights that only project in one direction and fall apart when the tape gives in, cyron lights mount with brackets that allow the lights can rotate 360 degrees. This will make it possible to shine the light exactly where it is needed. Mount the lights under the cabinet and shine at the back splash. Or mount under a glass shelf and shine upward through the glass. Brackets mount using 3m vhb tape or 1/2 screws which are all provided in the kit. Extra tapes and zip ties included.