Mayhew Pro 20900 Reg Rivet Set

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  • Used for cutting the heads off rivets for easy removal

  • Over all length: 5-Inch

  • Body size: 5/8-Inch

  • Body type: Hex

  • Made in the USA

The Mayhew 20900 Reg Rivet Set is used for cutting the heads off rivets for easy removal. It is made in the USA. Over all length: 5-Inch, Body size: 5/8-Inch, and Body type: Hex. Comes with an unlimited lifetime warranty. Mayhew stands for quality, dependability, and confidence. When the caliber of the tools is just as important as the skills of the professionals employed, businesses trust Mayhew to get the job done. Since 1856, our punches, chisels, and pry bars have been the go-to tools for OEMs and professional mechanics throughout the country. And while our company has grown to meet the needs of the professional market, as well as those of the do-it-yourself automotive enthusiast, our focus has never changed - leveraging our strength to build your business.