Nu-Set 5373-3 Hidden Shackle Padlock With Hockey Puck Lock, Solid Steel

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  • 2-7/8-Inch wide solid steel case padlock withstands forcible attacks

  • Hidden steel shackle protects against bolt cutters

  • Chrome rustproofing provides longer life

  • 6 Pin tumbler cylinder for added pick resistance

  • Removable solid brass cylinder

  • Shackle Diameter:13/32

  • Shackle Vertical Clearance:1/2

  • Shackle Horizontal Clearance: 1-3/4

NU-SET 2-7/8-Inch 73mm Hockey Puck Padlock Lock, Hidden Shackle, Solid Steel. NU-SET has been a pioneer in door lock, lock box and hardware manufacturing for more than 40 years. All of our locks are hand assembled and tested in the US to ensure that customers only receive the best quality products. This uncompromising focus has made NU-SET one of the most trusted brands by property managers and builders. We also work closely with a variety of consumers, builders and government agencies to implement design improvements that enhance the feature of our locks and to develop new ideas to meet the ever changing market demand. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us at 1-800-60-NU-SET.