Pexflow Pfw-R34100 Potable Water Pex Tubing, 100 Ft, Red

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  • Reliable - resistant to cracks, uninterrupted water flow, maintenance free, long life expectancy

  • Performance - robust delivery of hot water distribution system

  • Flexible - ability to bend pipe making it easy to work with the bend radius of 5 feet

  • Markings - PEX tubing markings unique feature imprints common standards and ratings making it easy to understand tubing properties

  • PEX Type: PEX B / Color: 1 x Red / PEX Tubing Size: 3/4 Inch / Coiled: Yes / Total Length: 1 x 100 Feet / Outside Diameter: 0.875 Inch(15.9mm) / Inside Diameter: 0.671 Inch(12.1mm) / Pressure Ratings: 80psi @ 200F, 100psi @ 180F, 160psi @ 73F

  • Color : Red

  • Size : 100 Feet

Pexflow Potable Water Tubing (Non-Barrier PEX Pipe) is used for residential and commercial hot water plumbing applications. Made of Silane or Moisture Cure method of cross-linking where links between the molecules of the HDPE polymer are formed after the extrusion process. The color of red tubing simply helps identify the pipe as hot water line in PEX plumbing distribution systems that connects to hot water heater. It can also be used for cold water delivery as well, but most use blue PEX tubing for cold water systems. The tubing has the ability to withstand higher temperature ensuring robust delivery of hot water to water supply system, washing machine and other uses. PEX tubing can be resistance to temperature fluctuation all year around and will provide peace of mind ensuring that it is maintenance free for exceptional performance. For optimal leak free water flow connections, the tubing works with cinch clamps seal accessories ensuring continuous performance of superior temperature and pressure rating. Ideal for indoor or outdoor plumbing that includes hot water heater, washing machine and other applications. It is economical, safe and easily installed in any type of environment. This type of PEX is the most common for hot water plumbing industry.

Tubing is marked every 5 Feet and NSF certified for potable water use, lead-free and meets or exceeds the ASTM F2023 standard.

Note that this PEX type is not for hydronic heating system. Please see our line of Oxygen Barrier PEX Tubing.