Prime-Line H 3960 Casement Folding Crank Handle, 2-3/4 In W, Die Cast Zinc

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  • Folding arm reduces projection distance and interference with window Coverings

  • Aluminum insert adaptor allows for universal fitting on a variety of operator spline diameters

  • Constructed of durable die cast material

  • Color : -

  • Size : 2-3/4 in W

Prime-Line casement folding crank handle, 2-3/4 in overall width, die cast zinc, bronze, 1-5/8 in folding position. This low-profile, folding crank handle is constructed of die cast and comes in a bronze-painted finish. It features a folding arm designed to avoid interference of window blinds and Coverings. Besides the typical set screw, this crank handle also includes an aluminum insert allowing the handle to fit universally on a variety of drive spline diameters. When not in use, this crank handle can be folded closed to reduce the distance of its projection away from the window, and to allow window Coverings to freely hang in place, and operate as designed.