Prime-Line Kc16Hd Safety Spring Door Closer Easy To Install To Convert Hinged Doors To Self-Closing Diecast Construction (4-1/4 Black, Non-Handed)

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  • INCLUDES - (1) Surface mounted spring-loaded door closer; works on doors up to 150 lbs; non-handed; adjustable tension; U.L. listed; 1/2 hour fire rated.

  • EASY DIY PROJECT - Thanks to these KC16HD safety spring door closers, your next to-do is quick and easy. Use these door closers to convert hinged doors to self-closing ones.

  • EASY INSTALLATION - With a closer and plastic slide plate being surface mounted, installation is a breeze. This spring door closer can be used on doors up to 150 lbs and can be used on both left and right-handed doors. Easily adjust the tension on this safety spring door closer.

  • INSTALLATION NOTES - To prevent over-tensioning, adjust closer one quarter turn at a time and test door after each adjustment. Over-tensioning can cause spring to buckle. If you wish to add additional lubricant to unit, carefully disassemble unit after relieving tension and apply white lithium grease directly to the springs.

  • PRODUCT INFO - This safety spring door closer features a non-handed design and Black painted finish to complement any style door. 1 wide base, 4-1/4 hole center spacing and 4-3/4 arm. These door closers are only designed to be use on interior doors less than 150 pounds.

  • Color : Black

Convert your hinged door into a self-closing one with the KC10HD Safety Spring Door Closer. Installation is a breeze thanks to the closer and plastic slide plate being surface mounted within minutes you can have a self-closing door! Use this spring door closer on doors up to 150 lbs. It can also be used on both left and right-handed doors. The door closers feature an adjustable closing force and speed. Constructed of diecast materials with a white painted finish, this safety spring door closer can complement any style door. They are U.L. listed with a hour fire rating and have a 1 wide base, 4-1/4 hole center spacing and 4-3/4 arm. These closers operate in a pushing-closed manner, rather than in a pulling-closed method, and they do not have a hold open feature. Distance of travel: The closer arm of this safety spring closer has the ability to swing a full 180 degrees, but once it is mounted in place, the doors distance of swing will be reduced to the point of where it makes contact with the bullet-shaped housing of the closer. For a rust and weather resistant closure, consider model numbers KC50HD and KC57US which are suitable for outdoor/exterior use, designed for use with lightweight gates and screen doors. All fasteners and installation instructions are included with this item. Be sure to view the manufacturers How-To Installation Video also linked to this page, in the upper left hand corner. Application of white lithium grease to internal compressing springs may be desired, but you should avoid using lubricants like WD-40 which breaks down lubricating grease.