Trend Dar/500 500Mm Digital Angle Ruler, Internal And External Angle Finder

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  • Digital display for precise angles

  • Stainless steel rule with metric/imperial scale, scale length 500mm and 18-1/2-Inch

  • Measuring range from 000.0 Degree to 360.0 Degree, with accuracy of 0.3 Degree

  • Rule locking function

  • Easy operation with two press buttons with a Auto-shut off in 6 minutes

  • Size : 500mm

This Trend digital angle rule calculates angles quickly and accurately and is ideal for woodworking, construction and machining. The rule is made from stainless steel with both metric and imperial scale. It has a rule locking function, and is easy to operate. The rule will automatically shut off in 6 minutes. Measuring range: 0'' to 360''. Resolution: 0.1''. Accuracy: 0.3''.Scale length: 50cm. Digital Angle Rule 500mm (19.3/4in)