Trend Dws/Pff/F Diamond Outdoorsman Fine Pen, File Round

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  • Ideal for use with marine applications

  • Barrel becomes the handle when unscrewed

  • Ideal for small tools, knives, and fish hooks

  • Retractable file - Fine 600 grit (25 micron)

  • Apply gentle pressure during sharpening process with minimal amounts of Trend lapping fluid for optimum performance

A precision tapered diamond retractable file. Fine 600 grit (25 micron). Guaranteed for 5-years. Ideal for all shaped tooling, profiles, turning and carving tools and all knives (hunting/outdoor and domestic). Also suitable for pruners, secateurs, scissors, hoof knives and serrated blades.Specifications: File length: 93 mm x 6 mm diameter. Overall length: 143 mm x 11.3 mm. Grade: fine Grit: 600 (25 micron).Supplied in a wallet. DWS Diamond Taper File