Vct Vt-2000J Japan 100 Volt To Usa 110 Volt Voltage Converter Transformer 2000 Watt Black

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  • This heavy duty continuous use transformer can be used both in 100V and 110/120V countries.

  • Will convert from 120 volt to 100 volt AND from 100 volt to 120 volts.

  • Rated Maximum Load with Power Surge: 2000W

  • Power ON/OFF switch ; Dimension : 11 x 8.5 x 8.5 Inches

  • Fuse protected

  • This continuous use transformer is capable of both up and down voltage conversions for Japan and USA electricity to enable use of Japanese products in USA and USA products in Japan

  • 2000 Watts is the maximum capacity of this transformer including the power surge

  • It converts 110/120 volt USA power to 100 volt Japan power AND 100 volt to 110/120 volts (means it will convert the American power to Japanese power and also convert Japanese power to American)

  • Power ON/OFF Switch. Fuse protection for safety

  • Remember to leave at least a 100% margin for power surges/spike when buying a transformer. For power tools, laser printers and heating appliances like Rice cookers, coffee makers, toasters, halogen or fluorescent bulbs you must leave a power spike margin of 4 times

  • Color : Black

  • Size : 2000 Watt

This transformer is capable of both Up/Down Voltage Conversion for Japan and the USA. Maximum Capacity: 2000 Watts On/Off Switch Converts 100V to 110/120V & 120V to 100V Fuse Protected. TRANSFORMER PURCHASE GUIDE: Remember to leave at least a 100% slack for the transformer. TVs, heating appliances, laser printers and power tools spike when you turn them on. For these products you need to buy a transformer that is at least 3 times the items capacity.